If you need help with making an appointment here are a few FAQ

 Q - How do you make an appointment?

On our website click the appointments button and you will be taken to our schedule. From here you will need to select the service you require and then the time slot to which you want to book. Then you will be asked to sign in or create a new login, once completed agree to the time slot and click confirm and your appointment will be provisionally booked pending approval from us. 

 Q - Why do I need to sign in?

Signing in is an essential part of site and information security, it allows us to know exactly who you are and how to contact you should we wish to change or alter the appointment. Most importantly it ensures your details are kept safe and nobody but us will be able to see the details of your appointment. 

 Q - How do I pay for my appointment?

For some appointments we may want you to pay prior to the appointment, if we do before confirming it will ask you to pay. There are different ways for us to take your payment such as paypal, BACS transfer or credit and debit card payments.  If we choose paypal then all you will need is a paypal account which is free to set up and all you need is an email, you can store your card details on there and make a payment directly to us.  Once payment has been completed we will approve your appointment. 

 Q - How do I know if I’ve made an appointment?

Once you have booked with us you will receive an email confirmation, this is important to keep as it’s confirmation of your appointment, also remember to check your junk mail if it doesn’t arrive.  In additon to this an email reminder will be sent out shortly before your appointment time this way we can ensure there are no missed appointments, also giving you time to cancel or rearrange as you wish. 

If you have any problems you can always call us, and make the appointment over the phone. 


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